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Dysport & Botox Cosmetic Information

Dysport and Botox are medications that block the nerve activity to targeted muscles.  When injected into desired muscle groups, it relaxes them and wrinkles appear smoother.  You will notice a gradual decrease in muscle movement at the treated area over the seven to fourteen days following treatment.  The effects can last from three to six months.

At Sewickley Med Spa we know how to produce natural looking effects without radically changing your facial appearance.  You can still have facial expressions without looking frozen.  

Not sure how you would look after a Botox treatment? The Treatment Visualizer Tool allows you to visualize your Botox cosmetic treatment in real time.

Botox and Dysport injections are FDA approved.  Some side effects are possible, but if one is healthy and does not suffer from certain illnesses or neurological disorders the injections are considered safe.


Before and After Photos

Before and After Photos

​**Disclaimer - Results may vary depending upon individual body type, skin type, and medical condition, etc.

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