Cosmetic Dermal Filler Information

Fillers such as Restylane, Restylane Silk, and Restylane Lyft are all hyaluronic acid based gels that are injected to correct and improve the appearance, or restore the normal contour to: lips, nasolabial folds, wrinkles, cheeks, and scars.  

At Sewickley Med Spa you can experience these injections with a quick in-office procedure and minimal downtime.  Improvements are immediate and can last usually between four months to over a year. These fillers disappear at a variable rate from person to person.
After treatment, redness and swelling are common and typically resolve within two to three days.  Bruising at the injection sites is also common and can last about one week.

***More than one treatment (applying multiple layers) maybe needed for best results, repeated injections should be done at four to six week intervals***

Cosmetic Dermal Filler Information

RestylaneRestylane LyftJavederm

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